Meet Men in Tears: an Antwerp triumvirate of futurism, artpop and 80s-sympathies. In their videoclips they stroll along supermarkets in thrift store outfits, in their songs they grind unapologetically against the trousers of ELO and George Michael. Put on our newfound guilty pleasure "A. Life" and you can almost hear the echos of "Careless Whisper". Our verdict: get to know Men in Tears right now, before you go see them playing live.”

— Het Nieuwsblad (*** "Future Pop")


"At last, something completely different!! Thrilling, ... and deliciously eclectic" ”

— Compact Disk Dummies


No music for gloom-boys, but playful pop with uplifting melodies and tongue in cheek lyrics. When mixing these ingredients, the trio balances on a tightrope between inspiration and persiflage.”

— De Standaard (*** Future Pop)


Men in Tears convinced the jury with their stage presence and their original, retro-futurist sound”

— Jonge Wolven (Men in Tears won the competition in 2019)

Dudes, this is epic ... I surely am going to follow you! I enjoyed the clip of the Weather - btw where is that exotic supermarket?"”

— Sioen


BIO: Maybe we should spend some time together...

Earth, a not so distant future. 3 men have somehow managed to survive a deadly virus that has wiped out the entire male population. They have come to be known as  “the Men in Tears”...  

Men in Tears are a completely original Belgian artpop trio, 
Retrofuturists on a struggling quest for manhood.   

With a mix of colorful, melodic and almost symphonic (synth)pop-songs 
and a refreshing DIY aesthetic that oozes through their self-shot music videos,  
Men in Tears wants to gently take over your world.  

Influences: XTC, ELO, YMO, 10cc, Telex                                       
Sounds like: Ariel Pink, Neon Indian, Louis Cole  


©Clara Humet

©Clara Humet

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