"Finally something wonderfully different! Exciting yet restrained, and delightfully eclectic"”

— Compact Disk Dummies - Soundtrack 2019


Maybe we should spend some time together...

Earth, a not so distant future. 3 men have somehow managed to survive a deadly virus that has wiped out the entire male population. They have come to be known as  “the Men in Tears”...  

Men in Tears are a completely original Belgian artpop trio, 
Retrofuturists on a struggling quest for manhood.   

With a mix of colorful, melodic and almost symphonic (synth)pop-songs 
and a refreshing DIY aesthetic that oozes through their self-shot music videos,  
Men in Tears wants to gently take over your world.  

Influences: XTC, ELO, YMO, 10cc, Telex                                       
Sounds like: Ariel Pink, Neon Indian, Louis Cole  

*Winners Jonge Wolven 2019* 
"Men in Tears convinced the jury with their stage presence and their original retrofuturist sound." 

©Clara Humet

©Clara Humet